Podcast A-Z

The Complete Beginner Course to Podcasting

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Intro to Podcasting

Course intro
Instructor bio and what is podcasting
Why Podcast, Why People listen to Podcasts, What makes a Podcast stand out
Podcast name, branding and common pitfalls
Video Podcasting

Video Podcasting - Should you do it?
Remote Podcasting

Remote Podcasting
Podcast Content

Seasons vs Sequential, Podcast Categories, Length and Frequency
Podcast Design

Podcast Design, Market Suitability, Goals and Research
Your Listener Avatar

Your listener avator
Growing an Audience

Growing an Audience, Your signature Podcast Voice and Turning down guests
Finding Podcast Guests

Finding Podcast Guests
Guest Management and Podcast Housekeepin

Free and paid options, guest management and agencies
recording housekeeping, guest management and interview like a boss
Technical Setup

Technical Setup
Podcast setup (Technical setup 2)
Podcast Recording

Remote recording, Show notes and outsourcing
Podcast Editing and Software
Mixing and Mastering and outsourcing Post-Production
Podcast Hosting

Podcast Hosting Options - Part 1
Podcast Hosting - Part 2
RSS Feed, ID3 Tags, Podcast legals and msuic
Podcast players, distributors and featuring in directories
Marketing and Promotion

Marketing and Promotion
Podcast Launch

Podcast Launch
Podcast Monetisation

Podcast Monetisation - Part. 1
Podcast Monetisation - Part. 2
Podcast Reviews

Getting reviews for your podcast
Podcast systemisation and improvement

Podcast systemisation and improvement
BONUS Modules

What makes a successful Podcast?
Joe Rogan - what makes a successful podcast?
Course Outro

Course Outro