Podcast A-Z (2023 Edition)

The Complete Course to Podcasting

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Podcast A-Z (2023 Edition): The Complete Course to Podcasting

Working out how to put a podcast together from scratch to launch can take months of trial and error and hours of googling, but with this course, you’ll get all the information you need in one neat little package. In podcast A-Z, we break this down into small, digestible chunks, that you can consume at your own pace.

This course is designed for hobbyists or up and coming professionals. Get off the mark in the podcast world with applicable tips and best practices to help you start your podcast or reinforce your knowledge in the art of podcasting.



Chapter 1 Intro to Podcasting

Welcome to Podcast A-Z 2023!
1. Introduction into Podcasting
Chapter 2 Podcast Branding

Podcast Branding - Intro
2. Podcast Branding
Chapter 3 Podcast Content Creation

Podcast Content Creation - Intro
3. Podcast Content Creation
Chapter 4 Podcast Audience

Podcast Audience - Intro
4. Podcast Audience
Chapter 5 Podcast Production

Podcast Production - Intro
5. Podcast Producion - Part 2
Chapter 6 Podcast Post- Production

Podcast Post-Production - Alitu Dashboard
Creating your first episode (with Alitu)
Chapter 7 Podcast Publication

Intro - Podcast Publication
Podcast Publication
Chapter 8 Podcast Marketing & Promotion

Intro - Podcast Marketing & Promotion
Podcast Marketing & Promotion
Chapter 9 Systemisation and Improvement

Intro - Systemisation and Improvement
Systemisation and Improvement
Chapter 10 Monetisation Unleashed!

Monetisation Unleashed!
Chapter 11 Outro and Bonuses

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Adrian Daniels

Adrian Daniels is a digital consultant, podcast coach and SME mentor who has over the past decade has built a versatile skill set and a reputation in the UK Tech and Digital industry; including running startups, agencies and online academies, whilst being the forefront of commercial success at various companies.

Within this time, he’s spoken at and hosted various workshops and events in the UK, picked up notable plaudits and has privately consulted high-net worth individuals and even influencers affiliated with the Royal Family, on their personal digital strategy.


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